Silk & Linen

At Town and Country Cleaners we specialize in Silk and Linen Cleaning.

Keeping your bedding clean, comfortable and attractive is a big job. We make it easy! You will take comfort in knowing it is being done right…and that it’s not you doing it!

Caring for your Bedspreads and Comforters.

Although bedspreads and comforters are mostly used during the cold winter months, many people also use them year round to spice up their bedroom. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles and can be quite costly. Unfortunately, your bedroom favorites are not covered by the Care Label Rule, and as a result, consumers may find it difficult to care for them. This is where the professional cleaners come in. We can help!

Whether your linens are used daily or on formal occasions, We will treat each item with special attention and professional care. Each item is carefully inspected for spots. If item needs special spot cleaning, our professionals will use the most appropriate technique to remove them.

Careful attention is paid to special finishes such as embroidery, lace or other delicate details. All linens are cleaned and pressed to look sharp, no matter the occasion.